The Values Polk County Democrats Share

We believe that ...

  • Workers with living wages grow strong economies.
  • Big corporations should pay their fair share for infrastructure and services from which they benefit.
  • Regulations protect prevent the abuse of abusing people by protecting and their health and safety.
  • Gun ownership is a constitutional right AND that we can create common sense regulations that do not need to infringe on that right.
  • Everyone is free to worship, or not, as their conscience moves them.
  • Our American flag belongs to all of us.
  • We All humans are all interconnected and have responsibility for actions that affect others.
  • Immigration is our identity.  Unless our ancestors were First Peoples, We're all descended from immigrants.
  • We honor and support the inclusion of First People in deciding our nation’s business.
  • We must protect our planet and its inhabitants for future generations.
  • Investment in alternative energy will combat global climate change,  keep America competitive and reduce our dependence on the Middle East.
  • We should serve our veterans by funding their healthcare, mental health needs, and housing.
  • Our U. S. military should be used for defense and not aggression.  Living harmoniously in the world
  • Diplomacy and forging strong alliances are more effective than military dominance in the long run.
  • Our votes, not Money, should not decide who gets elected to serve us.
  • Investment in education keeps our nation competitive and free from tyranny.
  • Healthcare for All is less expensive and provides better results than our current patchwork system.
  • Love is Love when between consenting adults.
  • Women have a right to make their own healthcare choices.
  • Access to contraceptives and sex education helps avoid abortion and unwanted pregnancies.
  • Public employees are not the problem; they make the country function.

Kindness & Compassion are Everything

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