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UPDATED -- Due to Dr. Seuss Day at Independence Public Library on March 2nd, the March Polk County Democrats Meeting will be meeting at Independence City Hall at 6:30pm. 

March Agenda:

Polk County Democratic Central Committee Meeting
March 2nd 2017
Independence City Hall 6:30pm

  1. We need not the fear the expression of ideas- we do need the fear their suppression -Harry S. Truman
  2. Welcome, Introductions and Announcements
    1. Agenda Approval
    2. Prior Meeting Minutes Approval- February 2nd 2017
    3. Chair Report
    4. Executive Committee Report
    5. Budget Report
    6. State Central Committee 3/25-3/26/17 To RSVP or get more information go to http://dpo.org/events/2017-03-25/1st-quarter-2017-state-central-commitee-meeting-and-reorganization
  3. New Business
    1. Debrief of the Highway Cleanup
    2. Nathan Soltz – County Party Listening Tour
    3. Sonny Mehta – Renew Oregon
    4. Next Drinking Liberally
  4. Shout Out
  5. Adjournment

Upcoming Events




2017 Reorganizational and 1st Quarter State Central Committee


Judson Middle School

DPO and Marion County Democrats Fundraiser


Willamette Valley Vineyards The Founders Room 8800 Enchanted Way SE, Turner OR 97291

April Polk County Democrats Central Committee


Independence Public Library 175 Monmouth St. Independence



In the November 2016 the Polk County Democrats Central Committee held their reorganizational meeting. In this meeting the committee voted for their new executive team as well as the group that will represent Polk County at the State Central Committee and the CD 5 Committee. The Winners are listed below

Chair: Evan Sorce (evansorce41@gmail.com)

Vice Chair Position 1: Alan Holland (alanholland2@comcast.net)

Vice Chair Position 2: Patty Nevue (nevue@aol.com)

Secretary: George Neujahr (geo.neujahr@gmail.com)

Budget Manager: Linda Williams (linda.e.williams51@gmail.com


SCC Members: 

Delegate 1: George Neujahr

Delegate 2: Shannon Cockayne

Delegate 3: Steve Emerson

Alternative 1: Wanda Davis

Alternative 2: Alan Holland

Alternative 3: Linda Williams

CD 5 Members:

Delegate 1:Amanda Deyerle

Delegate 2: Timothe Seelbach

Delegate 3: Evan Sorce

Alternative 1: Sandra Harris

Alternative 2: Steve Emerson 

Alternative 3: Greg Gregg

This information is current as of February 2017. Contact Evan Sorce with any questions or issues with this web site.